VSOP (Radio Edit)

by Rob Love

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Rob Love reminisce about the past. The past events motivates him to make his future bright. The problems he go through are Fake friends and failed relationships. Instead of acting on it he remains calm, take a drink and let his head Nod.


[ Intro: Rob Love]
Vsop x2

Lets take a drink
Drinking VSOP x2 (Ride with me)

Vsop (Vibe with me)
Drinking Vsop



[Verse: 1 Rob Love]
Ima take yall way back way back way back , when I was ten
It was way back way back, in my pop van thinking of a Benz
Getting payback payback payback
I need revenge
Money make the world go round and spin
But when you broke its like the end
So I
Made moves and moved again
To a
A Place where I begin
To make some ends
And ending wanting to end
This slow paper making hater thinking
Where have i Been?
Ghost i'm moving so Ima coast
My girl all in my ear yapping Im doing the most
So I told her a** do less
Look just get dress
Pack up your bags and I wish you the best
Told her
I'm moving on and she don't need the address
Now that's a problem addressed
And she briefly confess
I ain't s***
That's cool with me
I'm a ain't s*** player drinking VSOP

[Hook: Rob Love]

So I let my head nod x2

Tryna make a grip
Why these females always trip
F*** it Ima take a trip
Henny Ima sip

And let my head nod x 2

Tryna make a grip
Why these females always trip
F*** it ima take a trip
Henny ima sip

[Verse: 2 Rob Love]
Now I'm way back way back way back
In a coup with Ben
Thinking of maybachs maybachs maybachs can't wait to see em
Now it's payback payback payback
When I finally see them
They wanna link that's dry as gin Seagram
And it goes down in the pm
Shout out M-town
We at Beale street
A shorty hit me in my DM
Talking I'm finally found
And She miss me (Please)
Somebody come and get they BM
She outta line like a drunk driver
Don't save these h*** but Ima junk drive her
Popping out in designer
I was design with a kill switch
When We link up I kill it
I'm a fresh prince will smith
Tryna Phil bank like aunt Vive
Circle small that's a done deal
Give me one time for that one mill
My Ex text and I stay chill
I ain't s*** that's cool with me
I'm a ain't s*** player drinking VSOP



released March 15, 2016
Written by Rob Love
Produced by D'Artizt
Engineered by Rich Laurel



all rights reserved


Rob Love Chicago, Illinois

Robert "Rob" Love (Born August 17 1993 in Chicago,IL) Is an American Rapper, Writer, Engineer and Producer. Signed under his own label RothFamily Records. He's most famous for his single "Let Me Know" He only has one Mixtape out called Bad Behavior and he's working on his next project titled "Boy Meets World" Scheduled to release sometime in 2017 ... more

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