Rocketship (Feat Icy Bach)

by Rob Love

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Rob Love and Icy Bach come together to talk about, Fake friends, Unfaithful girlfriends and a lot of BS. They're creating a way to get away. Rocketship.


[Verse 1: Rob Love]
Uh Fucked her on a Monday, but in two days (Tuesday)
She'll be thirsty (Thursday)
Feeling like the best man on his worst day
Or vice versa
Thoughts are so eruptive
Sipping on java while browsing on a javascript
Social network sites....full of bullshit
A matador with metaphors
Peep inside these metal doors
Playing mega-man while playing the carter four
Blunt blowing staring at the mirror
I'm high as mars...Bruno bro I feel ya
Yeah..Telescope and watch me closely
Let me get the line back.. Mike Boley
Telescope and you can't see me
Even mike off of space jam couldn't reach me
Like mike moon walking by the stars
You can keep them planes them boats and them cars
Cause i'm

(Rob Love)
Blasting and i'm always on some shit
Live it up for the night we get it rocking in this bitch
(they know they know)
Ain't no stopping when we hit!
Flying through the sky at night i'm on my fucking Rocketship and i'm Gone!!!

And these haters can't get on it
This ain't for back stabbers or friends that start acting phony
This that pimp shit
Always talking moves, but never did shit
Flying i'm on a mission
Taking off on my Rocketship

[Verse 2:Icybach]
You ever need an escape?
From the fakes? or the women you take out on dates?
She order everything, but she want you to pay?
Only fucked once and she's saying she's late?
Well okay!
I don't know what you want me to say
We ain't talk in some months
I don't know who you been fucking with since i been away
Police be searching for niggas like hide and go seek, but they won't find me!
On the underground rail road with some shell toes on my feet
Laid back in a jeep with some real low seats
Weed and a brew that's all i need
So i can get high!
And bust this bottle over your temple if you say that i'm not king
Fake niggas always gonna call you bro when they want something!
Noah didn't have any friends till he built that boat and the world flooded so deep
So i'ma leave y'all lil niggas without a paddle
Kiss the gravel
While i fill up my engines in the sky i travel
Detonating missiles if you want to battle
Watch me round them up like cattle
Snakes continuously rattle,but they can't come on the ship
Chrome on my hip, but i'll never use it
Cause i got niggas that'll lose it if you fuck with the clique
So don't infiltrate my circle with that dumb shit
Before i send up this function
Blast off just like it's nothin

(Rob Love) Well Damn


[Verse 3:Rob Love]

Now i'm gone!
Ain't no coming back
I rather count some racks than to counteract all these countless acts
Thinking that they have yo back
Once you lack
They attack and flip the script you would think these niggas acrobats
Well fuck em!
They'll fall without the mats
Off a mountain they ass go splat
Bro ride with me we fixing those flats
Looking out for them boys that that red light
Niggas always claiming that they fly, but be scared of heights
I don't get it!
That fake shit? i ain't with it
So i killed it now i'm looking in the face of a witness
On a mission, Critics listen, tryna inform oppositions
Take a trip from kermit cause you know that's not your business
Can't control the odds of winning
The shit is in our favor
Only focused on the paper
Bullshit i'll see you later
(see you later see you later)
For now i'm taking off
Out of sight you can't see what you never saw
Now get lost


I'm Gone x4


released March 15, 2016
Written by Rob Love & Icybach
Produced by D'Artizt
Engineered by Rich Laurel



all rights reserved


Rob Love Chicago, Illinois

Robert "Rob" Love (Born August 17 1993 in Chicago,IL) Is an American Rapper, Writer, Engineer and Producer. Signed under his own label RothFamily Records. He's most famous for his single "Let Me Know" He only has one Mixtape out called Bad Behavior and he's working on his next project titled "Boy Meets World" Scheduled to release sometime in 2017 ... more

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