Let Me Know (Radio Edit)

by Rob Love

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Are you familiar with the 90's tv show "A Different world" If so than you're familiar with D'wayne and whitely. Rob Love's "Let me Know" is a song about meeting a girl and showing her he's really into her, but due to past relationships she feel he is just like her ex boyfriends. He's down to prove to her he's real.


This that old S***
That Old Old S***
This that Old s***
Oh S***

[Verse 1]
Ok i'm sayin
Yeah girl i'm sayin
That you badder than a Mfucka!!
But you be playin
Tell me something
Why you acting and tryna win a emmy?
Why i can't be a guy that's purely friendly?
She tempt me with her
Nice Shape, Cute Smile and Nice waist
Got me at full attention 10 hut for christ sakes
I know players that been tryna get with her
Cause she dope and she is sweeter than swishers
Get the picture?
Picture us on a flight and we winning
Live at the event you in your favorite linen
Now you thinking bout this time that we spendin
First 48 you killed those other women
Baby listen!
Come here so you can hear this in your ear
Don't play dumb with me what am i a puppeteer?
Shit Lets chill! Relax for a lil bit
23's on but i'm not on that bulls***

So you looking for something real?
I can show you how that something a feel
You been hurt you got wounds feeling pain hope the past can heal
Maybe we can have this time to build

Let Me Know x 9
So you looking for something real?
I can show you how that something a feel
So Let Me Know

[Verse 2]
Listen MaMa
F*** the drama we can have some fun
Understand i make moves and i be having runs
Money is the motivation i want single funds
Double is what i meant! Wrigely's gum
Grab a bottle and something we can chase with some
We gonna T-up!
Kick it like Fifa
They hate in them bleachers
Tell them goofies we said see ya
Kick our feet up
We're hotter than the devil with a fever
So tell me is you with it?
Live from the Chi Don't be shy with it
I want you i admit it
I just wanna show you that this guy here is different
This a different world let me let me show you how it is man
We sin bad walter from hillman
We can be like Dwayne and whitley
I just need to know girl is you with me?
Huh? So Let Me Know




released March 15, 2016
Written By Robert Love
Produced By D'Artizt
Engineered by Rich Laurel



all rights reserved


Rob Love Chicago, Illinois

Robert "Rob" Love (Born August 17 1993 in Chicago,IL) Is an American Rapper, Writer, Engineer and Producer. Signed under his own label RothFamily Records. He's most famous for his single "Let Me Know" He only has one Mixtape out called Bad Behavior and he's working on his next project titled "Boy Meets World" Scheduled to release sometime in 2017 ... more

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